Maki Naro

Illustrator. Science Communicator. Nerd

The Hermits
In this comic for The Nib, we learn about the bizarre 18th century practice of keeping garden hermits.
Recipe for Disaster
People who often try to defend toxic elements in the science community, often try to do so by removing the human element from science itself.
Science is Political
Scientists from a variety of fields speak up about the current presidential administration, and how it will affect the scientific world in ways most may not realize.
Psychology in Crisis
Excerpts from an investigation into psychology's "replication crisis", where an alarming number of studies have failed to stand up to full scientific scrutiny. The comic explores just why this happens and interviews several scientists who are working hard in their field to fix it.
2017 Is a 90s Cyberpunk Dystopia
Robotics, cyber warfare, social currency. Emerging technologies have created a real world that's eerily similar to fictional cyberpunk dystopias.
Are We Living in a Simulation?
Elon Musk thinks we're probably living in a computer simulation. This comic, written by Matthew Francis for The Nib, explores why this line of thought isn't as optimistic as Musk thinks.
Say No to Spec Work
Spec work is any kind of creative work, either partial or completed, submitted by designers to prospective clients before designers secure both their work and equitable fees. I drew this comic after being approached to enter a creative contest.
Hedgehogs and Trolley Cars
Excerpts from a comic created for Genentech to tell the story of Dr. Fred de Sauvage and his revolutionary work in a curiously-named gene pathway.
Zika Outbreak
Excerpts from a comic commissioned by Fusion ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. The purpose of the comic was to not only educate the public about the ongoing Zika Virus outbreak, but to give it larger context within Brazil's socioeconomic problems.
Fallout Facts and Fiction
Excerpts from a series of comics that explored the facts and fiction behind the popular Fallout games. Guided by radiation safety scientists Phil Broughton and Kathryn Higley, the reader learns how radiation really affects people and the environment.
My Temple, My Mountain
The biggest delusion in modern day science fandom is that science and culture are unrelated, that science is immune to human faults such as racism and sexism, or that the pursuit of knowledge has always been a good thing for everybody. I drew this comic as a response to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea.
The Orange Marmalade Project
Commissioned for Genentech's 40th Anniversary, this comic tells the story of how science and engineering often reward good problem-solving with more problems.
Holiday Bullshit
Every year, Cards Against Humanity puts together a holiday comic zine to go along with its Holiday Bullshit promotion.
The Nutcracker: Obsolete
Published in December, 2015, this comic about artificial selection and nutcrackers remains one of my favorite holiday pieces.
In 1975, paleontologists unearthed the remains of the Triassic Period’s most curious odd couple. The exact details of how these two unlikely creatures came to be entombed in the same burrow were lost to time, but you can read their story today, thanks to the magic of prehistoric fan-fiction. OTP explores the lives of these ancient animals, as they form a bond lasting over 250 million years.
Jittery Pixels, Everything Garbled
This comic takes a cheeky look at the ubiquitous JPEG. Learn how digital image compression works and why images sometimes get all fuzzy.
Vaccines Work
An educational comic about the efficacy of vaccination and the misinformation campaign that threatens public health.
Playing with Polymers
Learn how polymers work, and how you can make your own slime at home.
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