Pop Sci 404
When Popular Science updated their website in 2014, they asked me to draw an image for the 404 page. We chose to feature Ms. Baker, one of the first animals to be sent into space and recovered alive. This is one of my proudest achievements.
An ongoing series of postcards for the creators of Friendshipping, a podcast about friendship.
Bad Detectives
Art assets for the 2015 Tabletop Deathmatch-winning board game by Zach Barton.
Obscure Holiday Calendar
An illustration for The Nib's 2017 Calendar of Obscure Holidays
Phylo: GSA
Phylo Trading Card Game (TCG) art for the Genetics Society of America portraying the trials and tribulations of basic research.
Science Fair Opera
A series of slide illustrations for an opera by Hai-Ting Chinn which features science experiments performed live on stage.
Ruin of the Reckless
Promotional art Faux-Operative Game's latest retro arcade scroller.
Blue Collar Astronaut
Art assets for Mutated Software's hilarious homage to the classic Moon Lander game.
Phylo: Coral Reef Deck
Art for the Phylo Trading Card Game's coral reef deck. Debuted as part of the 2012 World Science Festival's coral reef exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.
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