A Delicious History of “Meatless Meat”
Tofu and other meat alternatives are found on store shelves across the country. Learn about where they came from and what the future has in store for meatless diets.
Trouble with Teleportation
Advances are being made every year in quantum teleportation. But what does that even mean?
Fallout Facts and Fiction
An excerpt from "Fall Guy" an educational comic loosely based on the popular Fallout game universe. Guided by radiation safety scientists Phil Broughton and Kathryn Higley, the author (and the reader) learns how radiation really affects people and the environment.
Why Are Everyone’s Catalytic Converters Being Stolen?
Statistic and Forensics
Bite marks, shoe prints, crime-scene fibers: Matches to suspects are often far shakier than courtroom experts claim. Better statistical methods — among them, a little beast known as the “likelihood ratio” — can cut down on wrong convictions.
In 1975, paleontologists unearthed the remains of the Triassic Period’s most curious odd couple. The exact details of how these two unlikely creatures came to be entombed in the same burrow were lost to time, but you can read their story today, thanks to the magic of prehistoric fan-fiction. OTP explores the lives of these ancient animals, as they form a bond lasting over 250 million years.
A short comic about Alexander Fleming's observation of antibacterial mold that would later become the life-saving penicillin.
Are We Living in a Simulation?
Elon Musk thinks we're probably living in a computer simulation. This comic, written in 2016 by Matthew Francis for The Nib, has gained new relevance in the recent revelations surrounding two of the key figures of the comic. Not to mention providing insight into the mind of the guy who paid 44 billion dollars to be made fun of all day on his own website.
The Monarch's Stupendous Migration
The feisty orange-black butterfly uses a toolbox of biological tricks to find its way down to Mexico for winter and flap north again in spring. Here’s how scientists figured out those tricks — and what they don’t yet understand.
A Brief History of the Forests
Do forests warm or cool the Earth? What’s their effect on global climate change? A comic narrated by polymath Benjamin Franklin describes the evolution of thought on this issue and what we still don’t know.
Stories of Collaborative Science
The Orange Marmalade Project
Commissioned for Genentech's 40th Anniversary, this comic tells the story of how science and engineering often reward good problem-solving with more problems.
Hedgehogs and Trolley Cars
Excerpts from a comic created for Genentech to tell the story of Dr. Fred de Sauvage and his revolutionary work in a curiously-named gene pathway.
The Antibody
The antibody is an important part of the immune system that is unique for its ability to target foreign invaders with pinpoint accuracy. Learn how scientists using this talent to create some fantastic new medicines.
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