Moon Court
An excerpt from my comic in Rose Eveleth's book, FLASH FORWARD: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO POSSIBLE (AND NOT SO POSSIBLE) TOMORROWS, an anthology of stories that explore emerging technologies and concepts and how they may (or may not) play out in the near future. It joins the esteemed ranks of mysteries that feature a thinly veiled caricature of a certain contemporary billionaire.
Who Owns an Asteroid?
Space Colonies Are (Not) the Future!
A look at Gerard K. O'Neill's work, The High Frontier, and how colonialism continues to shape our vision of the future.
Cosmic Driftwood
In October 2017, an asteroid from another solar system zipped through our own. What can we learn from such interstellar visitors?
Where Are All the Aliens?
Scientists are finding new planets every day. Is it possible some of them might hold intelligent life?
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Life is everywhere on Earth. But the rest of the universe seems oddly devoid of it. What gives?
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